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Company History

Andy’s Produce & Food Service turns 34 years old this year but the business goes back several generations to the country of Greece. Andy Boucounis, the founder of Andy’s Produce,started his business right out of high school but from the young age of five he worked for his dad in such venues as roadside stands, farm markets and even old style huckstering in the streets. Though Andy’s dad has been gone for 11 years Andy has carried out the long standing tradition of being in the food industry.
Andy’s business started in 1976 with a pick-up truck and no warehouse space. He was then located at the Regional Market for 19 years. By this time the company was growing by leaps and bounds and it was extremely difficult to work out of pre-depression buildings. It was time to move.
Fast forward to 2010. We have been in our new 15,000 sq. feet facility at 101 West Court St. for 15 years and it was designed and built specifically for food service distribution with 8 loading docks and 7 different temperature zones which gives us an advantage over the competition. Andy’s employs 14 people, has a customer base of over 400, has 8 state of the art delivery vehicles which are refrigerated for those hot days and heated for the cold days. We services a 100 mile radius of the Syracuse area as well as servicing in New York City. We have grown to incorporate so much more than produce in our business and are able to provide our customers with any specialty needs, dairy products, frozen foods, canned goods, spices, desserts, a full line of meats and seafoods and even restaurant supplies, thus our new name - Andy’s Produce & Food Service!
We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated broad liner thus “The BIG Little Company” and on serving the community for the last 34 years.